At Dancing Pines Montessori

We are committed to providing a strong and nurturing educational experience that is grounded in the Montessori philosophy. Our founder, Dr. Montessori, believed in cultivating a learning environment that allowed children to explore freely and work with concrete materials that engaged their curiosity.

Our developmental curriculum focuses on developing skills, refining tasks, building sensitivities, strengthening concentration, solving problems, and gaining new insights. We believe that these fundamental tenets will help children become happy and productive members of society, equipped with the necessary competence to function in the real world.

We offer a wide range of learning areas to encourage children to explore their interests, including Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Language and Reading, Math, Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, and Earth Science. Our teachers prioritize limited disruptions to work time to ensure that children have adequate time to deeply focus and grow.

Our philosophy of respect for individuals and things permeates all our interactions, helping children develop self-control and good social skills. We encourage children to pursue their interests and ask for lessons on new activities as they feel ready. For those who are less assertive in taking on new challenges, we extend frequent invitations for new lessons.

We believe that an education centered on the Montessori philosophy will instill in children the qualities necessary to succeed in life and contribute to the world around them positively. We are committed to identifying and developing the unique capabilities of each child, ensuring that they achieve academic excellence, as well as the social and emotional components that will make them more well-rounded individuals.

Dancing Pines Montessori teachers are excited to work in partnership with parents to provide a nurturing educational experience that meets the needs of each child. DPM offers education from the early years through elementary school, and our teachers hold Montessori teaching certificates.

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