Tuition Information

  • There are no discounts or prorated rates for sick days, holidays, vacations, or days off.
  • Annual Tuition may be paid annually, semiannually, or in 10 equal installments.
  • Currently enrolled students’ siblings to have priority enrollment in the waiting pool, so long as forms are submitted, and payments are made on time.
  • The first tuition installment is due on June 15th. The next 9 installments are due each 1st of the month September through May.
  • Spaces are reserved for returning students, only if enrollment forms and applicable fees are paid on time.

We use Brightwheel to bill tuition, fees, and assess sibling discounts.

  • Sibling discounts: 3% off of the second, and 2% off of the third child’s tuition.
  • Processing fees for families through Brightwheel: 2.95% for card, 0.6% for ACH/Bank with a $2 per transaction maximum.
  • $2 per minute late fee will be assessed through Brightwheel for late pick-ups starting 10 minutes after their scheduled pick-up time.
  • Pick up times for primary; 12pm, 1pm, 3:30pm, Lower and Upper Elementary pick-up time: 3:45pm.