Updated September 2023


How do I schedule a tour?

Scheduling tours on Tuesdays, October through May. We try to schedule a couple of open house opportunities in the year as well.

  • Read through our FAQ’s.
  • Head to our application link below to fill out an application.
  • We schedule a tour and short observation of the classroom with you and your child.
  • Once you have toured, if you wish to pursue enrollment, we will bill you an application fee and you will be entered into the waiting pool.

Please email us with any questions you might have. We look forward to chatting with you!
Application Link Here

What are the tuition cost and fees, and when are they due?

Please know tuition may increase slightly for the 2024-2025 school year, below is tuition for our current school year.

Primary Classroom

5 half days$7,500M-F 9am-12pm
4 half days$6,800M-Th 9am-12pm
3 half days$6,200M-W 9am-12pm
Half Days for primary students ages 3 & 4
5 full days$11,600M-F 9am-3:40pm
Full days for Kinders in the primary classroom ages 5 & 6

Consumables Fee: $300

Annual Enrollment Fee: $150

Lower Elementary

5 full days$12,200M-F 9am-3:45pm
Ages 6-9

Consumables Fee: $500

Annual Enrollment Fee: $150

Upper Elementary

5 full days$13,400M-F 9am-3:45pm
Ages 9-12

Consumables Fee: $600

Annual Enrollment Fee: $150

  • Sibling Discount: 3% off of second and 2% off of third child’s tuition.
  • There is no discount or prorated rate for sick days, holidays, vacations.
  • The annual tuition may be paid annually, semiannually, or in ten equal installments. The first due June 15th, the next 9 are due each 1st of the month September through May.
  • Spaces are reserved for returning students, only if enrollment forms and applicable fees are paid on time, otherwise re-enrollment is not guaranteed.
  • Currently enrolled students’ siblings take priority enrollment if the above expectation is met.

Fees are charged for the following: credit and debit (2.5% for credit and debit cards, 1% for bank transfer up to a max. of $10) transactions, late fees, and for checks returned by the bank.

·       A $2.00 per minute late fee will be charged per child starting 10 minutes after their scheduled pick-up time. Primary pick-up time is 12, 1, 3:30, LE is 3:45. UE is 3:45. Parents are expected to arrive promptly at designated pick-up times.

Is Dancing Pines a daycare?

No, we are not a daycare or childcare center. We are an OSPI certified private school serving families with children ages 3-12.

Do you require students to be potty trained?

Yes. Children must be potty trained to attend our primary classroom. Children must demonstrate that they are able to determine when they need to use the restroom and go without prompting or assistance. Our goal is always to encourage independence in all aspects of a child’s development. We are able to help of course with the occasional accident or assist in dressing or fastening clothing. We will also regularly remind children to ask themselves if they need to use the bathroom. Ultimately, bathroom accidents detract from our ability to provide academic lessons to all of the children.

Does Dancing Pines offer before and after school care?

No, because we are not a licensed childcare center we do not offer before or after school care.

What school schedule does Dancing Pines follow?

Our drop off time for school begins at 8:55am. All classrooms are in session starting by 9:15am. If you have a 3-4 year old, pick-up time will be at 12pm. 4-5 year olds may be 1pm if you opt for the extended pick-up time after lunch. 5-6 year olds that stay full day are picked up at 3:30pm. Our lower elementary and upper elementary students (ages 6-12) are picked up at 3:45pm.

We follow Kent School District and Tahoma School District closures for snow, ice, or weather advisories. For more information on what our calendar will look like next year, please reference our current calendar. The calendar tab is at the top of the page.

What is DPM’s sick policy?

Please see Student Sick Policy (dancingpinesmontessori.com)