Cooper, Gracie and Maggie. Bernese mountain dogs, and protectors of Dancing Pines Montessori. They are not afraid to lick anyone who greets them!


Bruce completes our Alpaca herd. These two give us so many laughs.


Sigourney & Georgia are our two goat friends. They recently lost a couple of their herd members to Kidney disease. We miss Asher & Steve dearly and look forward to expanding our goat herd in the future.


Kids love to snuggle these feathery friends.


T the tortoise has been a part of our school’s family for many years. Slow, but charming little guy. Watching him munch on dandelions is such a treat.


She was our elusive kitty in charge of taking down mice in the past, but has warmed up to the kids and become a not-so-skittish barn cat.


Arrow enjoys eating baby mice and curling up in her rock den. Both of which children find pretty fascinating.