You’re doing too much..

If you’re finding it challenging to involve your child in household chores, two common obstacles are:

  1. We are doing the thing for our children because… well.. sometimes it’s just easier and less stressful that way! However, allowing your young child ample time and freedom to attempt tasks on their own is what nurtures their independence, drive, and ability to handle complex processes.
  2. Failing to equip them with the necessary tools for success.
    • Many homes are not set up for children to assist with household chores such as sweeping, doing dishes, or organizing clothes, as these items are usually too big and out of reach.
    • Creating a designated area and providing child-sized tools can encourage them to participate more eagerly, as they will feel more capable.

Great! When should I start?

Children under six are so eager to engage in everyday, real-world tasks!

  • They strive for “functional independence.” Encouraging their involvement in household chores can bring about many positive effects that should not be overlooked.
  • We may associate chores with a negative perception, viewing them as tasks we must complete, but you would be surprised to learn that children see them differently at this tender age.
  • They are so curious to understand how things function. It’s not only enjoyable for them, but also serves a purpose as they develop essential life skills such as:
    • Concentration skills
    • Confidence in their abilities
    • Coordination and movement control
    • Communication abilities
    • Logical thinking and organization
    • Problem-solving capabilities

Practical Life in Montessori

Everyday tasks

As your young child begins to display curiosity in dressing themselves and helping in the kitchen, they will also enjoy participating in tasks like setting the table, helping with laundry, raking leaves, and watering plants. We encourage this curiosity through Practical Life, an essential component of the early years Montessori curriculum. Since we want to develop self-motivation children who do things because they want to contribute, not just because someone else tells them what to do then it’s important to introduce practical life activities, or chores, in a way that is not forced or bribed.

Instead, invite them to try with your guidance, observe their interests and capabilities, and encourage their efforts.