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Summer camp at Dancing Pines Montessori School will provide a unique and wonderful experience for your child.  All children, even those who do not attend Dancing Pines Montessori, are welcome.

Our mission with our Summer Camps is to offer an alternative in today’s technology driven, fast paced environment. We offer a chance for children to connect with the joys nature, animals, and freedom of choice in our Montessori inspired camps.

Each two weeks is themed differently to provide fun and diverse experiences for new and returning students. Our camps fill up quickly. Ages are posted for each camp.


  • Students who will be starting as new students in the fall are asked to attend at least 2 Montessori Prep camps.
  • Returning students below the age of 5 should attend the Montessori Prep Camps.
  • Returning students whose teachers have made specific recommendations, please follow those recommendations.

Montessori Prep CampJune 15 – August 2, 9am-Noon

Montessori Prep Camp follows the same rules as our themed camp.  They are made to be two weeks at a time, but may be purchased one week at a time.  

Come and join us as we explore the wonderful world Montessori with our newest campers. This camp is designed with children new to Montessori or need more help with their self-regulation skills. Children will be exploring and interacting with the larger camps, but will mostly be focusing on becoming familiar with the Montessori environment.  Designed to help our school’s newest enrollees become familiar with the environment and the school, as well as helping our existing students hone their self-regulations skills.

Nature-Farm CampJune 15-26, 9am-2pm

Is a great opportunity for you child to come and learn about our animals, farming and gardening, nature inspired art, our wetlands and the animals it supports, and so much more.

Sports CampJune 29 – July 10, 9am-2pm

Is a great opportunity to get lots of outdoor play time, as well as learn the importance of the team, both in individual sports and team sports. Sports camp with include introductions and games in baseball, basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball, as well as lots of running, gymnastics, play based sports games!

Drama CampJuly 13-24, 9am-2pm

Is an amazing way to explore the world of stage, and all if it’s complexities. Students will learn essential skills in acting, singing, stage direction, set design, and much more!! We will select songs, skits, and monologues that highlight and enhance each student’s skills. We will work on a production to be performed at the end of camp!

Water Science CampJuly 27 – Aug 7, 9am-2pm

Is a great way to learn about the magic of water! We will explore it’s diverse uses in all sorts of science experiments, as well as making sure the campers get adequately wet every day. Swimsuits and good foot coverage are essentials for this camp!!

Tuition prices do not include the registration fee.  If you purchase camps weekly, you child(ren) will be able to jump right in. 

Any Two Week CampOne Week at a TimeALL Summer
For Littles or
Themed Camps   
Early Bird Registration
$40$500$275$1700(8 weeks of Themed Camps)
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$1850 (8 weeks of Themed Camps)

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$2080 (8 weeks of Themed Camps)

In order to make your child’s experience the best possible, we do require the following:

Participants need to bring a backpack with a full change of clothing, a swim-suit and towel, as well as a labeled water bottle and lunch box (no paper bags, please). Please remember to pack all necessary utensils for your child’s lunch and to pack foods that do not require heating.  Every child needs to wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or open toed shoes are allowed), as we hike and have daily outdoor adventures. Please also provide labeled sunscreen to be applied to your child throughout the day, as it tends to be very sunny and hot during the summer months.