Summer camp at Dancing Pines Montessori School will provide a unique and wonderful experience for your child.  All children, even those who do not attend Dancing Pines Montessori, are welcome.  Each day, your child will have access to our farm animals, as well as the privilege to run around and explore on our farm.  Small pools may or may not be used for each camp.  

Each two weeks is themed differently to provide fun and diverse experiences for new and returning students. Our camps fill up quickly. Ages are posted for each camp.  Register now!

June 17 – August 2, 9am-Noon -Littles Montessori Camp (2.5yrs-3yrs):

Littles Camp follows the same rules as our themed camp.  They are made to be two weeks at a time, but may be purchased one week at a time.  

Come and join us as we explore the wonderful world Montessori with our newest campers. This camp is designed with the littles in mind.  We will be exploring and interacting with the larger camps, but will mostly be focusing on becoming familiar with the Montessori environment.  Designed to help our school’s newest enrollees become familiar with the environment and the school. This camp is not just for our littles, we welcome anyone to join us on this fun and exciting adventure.

June 17-28, 9am-2pm – Music & Art (4yrs-10yrs):

Our adventure begins as we learn about the elements of music, and how music and art develop together.  Students will get to explore all kinds of instruments.  Children will get to develop their inner artist as they create their own art, and practice creating replicas of known art.  Children will experience several short performances from opera to individual musicians, as they will learn how different instruments work.  Children will get to write and perform their own operas.  This camp will end with a musical performance and art show.  

July 8-19, 9am-2pm Spy & Sports Camp (4yrs-10yrs):

Calling all spies, sleuths and secret agents! Come join us for Dancing Pines Top Secret Spy Training Camp to learn the tricks of the trade including code breaking, composing secret messages, creating spy tools, and an introduction into forensic technology. Agents-in-training will also complete physical training tasks focusing on agility, flexibility, strength and mental fitness ensuring they are able to overcome any situation they encounter. End the camp by completing the Secret Spy Ultimate Obstacle Course, solving the Final Mission and becoming an official Dancing Pines Secret Spy!

July 22-Aug 2, Dinosaur & Science Camp (4yrs-10yrs):

Join us while we travel millions of years back in time through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Learn about dinosaurs, their habitats, their extinction and then put on your paleontologist hat to examine their fossils. While journeying through dinosaur times, we will perform complimentary science projects to learn about the Earth, natural disasters, climate change and plenty of messy, hands on experiments!

Drama 5-Aug 16, Drama Camp (4yrs-10yrs):

We’re bound  for Broadway! Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage….” and we are ready to explore all the different pieces and parts that bring the stage to life!  Students will learn essential skills in acting, singing, stage direction, set design, and much more!  We will select songs, skits, and monologues that highlight and enhance each student’s skills, and present our work in a performance for our friends and family at the end of camp!

Tuition prices do not include the registration fee.  If you purchase camps weekly, you child(ren) will be able to jump right in. 

Camp Registration
(paid 1x per child
per summer)
Any Two Week Camp One Week at a Time ALL Summer
For Littles or
Themed Camps  

(Currently excludes Drama Camp)

Early Bird Registration $40 $500 $275 $1325(6 weeks for Littles Camp)  

$1700(8 weeks of Themed Camps)

Register between
April 1 – June 7
$40 $550 $325 $1500 (6 weeks for Littles Camp)  

$1850 (8 weeks of Themed Camps)

Register after
June 7
$40 $650 $375 $1850(6 weeks for Littles Camp)  

$2080 (8 weeks of Themed Camps)

In order to make your child’s experience the best possible, we do require the following:

Participants need to bring a backpack with a full change of clothing, a swim-suit and towel, as well as a labeled water bottle and lunch box (no paper bags, please). Please remember to pack all necessary utensils for your child’s lunch and to pack foods that do not require heating.  Every child needs to wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or open toed shoes are allowed), as we hike and have daily outdoor adventures. Please also provide labeled sunscreen to be applied to your child throughout the day, as it tends to be very sunny and hot during the summer months.