Summer camp at Dancing Pines Montessori School will provide a unique and wonderful experience for your child.  All children, even those who do not attend Dancing Pines Montessori, are welcome. Each day, your child will have the privilege of enjoying outdoor education, swimming, cooking, art, sports, and theater, as well as life on our tiny suburban farm.

Each week is themed differently to provide fun and diverse experiences for new and returning students. Our camps fill up quickly. Ages are posted for each camp.  Register now!

June 18-22, 9am-2pm – Math Camp (4yrs-10yrs):

Come and join us as we explore the wonderful world of math. Using the concrete Montessori philosophy and materials, children will find ways that help them figure out even the most difficult math challenges. In their journey they will explore the “whys” and “hows” of the world around them through math. As they solve puzzles and tricky problems, and play various mind games their love for math will multiply. 

June 25-29, 9am-2pm Spy Camp (3yrs-10yrs):

Each day is a new adventure! During spy camp we learn how to make codes to write sneaky messages! Students will learn how to read maps and find hidden objects using maps and compasses. We get to go “geo-caching”. We will be camouflaging our faces and leaning how to sneak up on each other. We will make periscopes! We will end each day by playing capture the flag! Tyler Hall is one of our assistants during this week.

July 9-13, 9am-2pm Art Camp (2.5yrs-10yrs):

Children will learn about artists and their techniques. We copy the artists and create our own versions of famous pieces of art. We study Van Gogh, Monet, Jackson Pollock, and Mary Cassatt. We throw paint, we use our artist’s eyes to “see” the world differently and represent through various mediums. Children get to revel in the world of pure creativity. We will hold an art show at the end of the week.   Assistants this week are former students Lucy Hall and Madelyn Tocher (William’s big sister).

July 16-20, 9am-2pm Sports Camp (3yrs-10yrs):

Sports camp is designed to guide the kids through learning a variety of skills.  These include: soccer skills; basketball skills; gymnastics and cheer skills; and volleyball skills. This will be a super fun week. We will be learning how to do beam and bars, we will learn how to stretch and bend in ways they have never bent before.  Local basketball star Keith Jefferies will be there to lead in all things basketball.  Cheer specialist and gymnast Olivia Buchanan will be there to lead the children in gymnastics and cheer.  Swimming will also be available each day, temperature permitting.

July 16-20, 9am-2pm Language Camp featuring Tamil (an ancient Indian language spoken in southern India) ( Camp (3yrs-10yrs):

Come join us in celebrating the Tamil language. In this one-week Summer camp, children will learn:
· Thirukkural (tongue twisting classic Tamil text which teaches virtues of life), songs and rhymes.
· They will learn to read and write in Tamil, and they will have Tamil Montessori materials to work with.
· They will hear Tamil stories, and will be given Tamil books to read.
· Games that Tamil people play, like kallanga, pallankuzhi, sozhi, and many more.
· They will see a fun Tamil movie for children.
· They will get a day to perform and exhibit what they have learned.
When they leave, they will leave with the joy of learning Tamil language!

July 23rd-August 3rd, 9am-2pm Drama Camp (5yrs-10yrs) – Wrinkle in Time

Jenny Hall our Drama specialist will conduct two weeks of Drama camp ending in a fabulous play. This camp will be two weeks long in order to have enough time to learn lines and make the sets.  We are very fortunate to have Jenny Hall as our drama camp teacher as she is a working professional Seattle actor! She is amazing! If you don’t already know Jenny, you will grow to love her.

Here are a few reasons why drama camp is a great choice for your child:
1. Drama builds confidence
2. Drama helps concentration
3. Drama helps develop language and communication skills
4. Drama encourages children to cooperate
5. Drama helps children to understand the world around them
6. Drama develops emotional intelligence
7. Drama assists physical development
8. Drama develops creativity
9. Drama nurtures friendships

August 6th – 8th , 9am-1pm Cooking Camp (3yrs-10yrs)

Hillary Hopson will be hosting a 3 day cooking camp where your child will learn some of the basics of cooking as well as being able to eat chat the create.  No lunch will need to brought to this camp.  They will be eating what they have made for lunch.


Camp Cost, Registration Fee,  & Supply Fee

June 18 – 22

$275 + $40 + $25

June 25 – 29,
9am – 2pm

$275 + $40 + $25

July 9 – 13

$275 + $40 +$25

July 16 – 20

$275 +  $40 + $0
Language Camp featuring Tamil

July 16 – 20

$215 +  $40 + $25

July 23 – Aug. 3
(2 weeks)

$550 + $40 + $30
Cooking with Hillary

Aug. 6 – 8
(3 days)

$190 + $40 + $25

In order to make your child’s experience the best possible, we do require the following:

Participants need to bring a backpack with a full change of clothing, a swim-suit and towel, as well as a labeled water bottle and lunch box (no paper bags, please). Please remember to pack all necessary utensils for your child’s lunch and to pack foods that do not require heating.  Every child needs to wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or open toed shoes are allowed), as we hike and have daily outdoor adventures. Please also provide labeled sunscreen to be applied to your child throughout the day, as it tends to be very sunny and hot during the summer months.