http://upperstour.co.uk/may-2018-parish-magazine/ Our vision of a strong education focuses on a developmental curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy provided in a nurturing environment. Dr. Montessori observed that children blossom when they are allowed freedom within a prepared environment and taught to work with concrete materials that fully engage their interest. These important tenets make education a fulfilling and refreshing process for children.

http://sazutech.com/product/laparoscopic-suture-simulator/ The work process involves attaining skills, refining tasks, developing sensitivities, strengthening concentration, solving problems, and achieving new insights. The goal is to become happy and useful members of society, and to gain competence to function in the real world.

subcutaneously Children are given ample time to work in the learning areas of their choosing, including Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Language and Reading, Math, Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, and Earth Science. Teachers try to limit disruption of this work time because opportunities to deeply focus are essential to children’s growth. The emphasis on respect for people and things that permeates all interactions also helps the children to develop self-control and good social skills.

Children are encouraged to follow their natural desire for repetition and to ask for lessons on new activities as they feel ready. Those who are less aggressive about taking on new challenges are invited often to have a new lesson.

With this philosophy in mind, we believe that such an education will instill in our children the qualities necessary to channel their inherent abilities toward success in life, enabling them to contribute happily and productively to the world around them. Our role is to identify and develop the unique capabilities your child possesses. We strive to ensure that your child will not only achieve academic excellence, but also the social and emotional components that will transform them into more complete individuals.

We look forward to developing our partnership with you, so that together we can provide a nurturing educational experience for your child.

We offer education from the early years through elementary school. Our elementary teachers hold Washington State Teaching Certificates, as well as Montessori teaching certificates.

The Elementary program offers a continuum built on the Primary experience. In the Montessori elementary, the child’s own questions provide the basis for exploration of the world. By heeding and encouraging those questions, we help the child to truly connects with knowledge and foster their curiosity. Subject matter is made relevant to the child’s personal learning journey, providing an inner motivation. A Montessori education does not give a child a collection of isolated facts, but rather a vision of interrelated knowledge and a love of learning.