We are delighted that in your quest to provide a quality Montessori education for your child, you have chosen to look at our school.

  • An individualized child centered approach to learning in a multi-sensory environment gives children more learning options. There is no one way all children learn. We are able to teach to the child.
  • Following the Montessori approach, we look for the child’s sensitive periods for learning specific skills, and cater to those needs and interests.
  • We seek to give them tools to independence and self-choice. This allows them to develop the skills to do daily activities by themselves, as well as giving them a solid base upon which they can build their confidence.
  • Our integrated curriculum includes lots of outdoor time, time with our animals, music, foreign language, cooking, and so much more.
  • We strive to create a community where parents and teachers can be open and honest, with the goal being to do for the child, what the child needs.